Utpal Borpujari

April 19, 2010

DVD review: The Song of Sparrows

By Utpal Borpujari

One of Iran’s biggest directors, Majid Majidi has given the world several masterpieces. This is not in the rarefied league of either Children of Heaven or Baran, but still is a film worth several viewings. Majidi’s humanistic approach towards cinema and his mastery in handling child actors – both are in eminent display in this film too.

The film is the story of Karim, who works at an ostrich farm outside Tehran. His life with his small family goes on peacefully till one day one of an ostrich runs away from the farm. Karim gets fired from his job for this, even as he has to go to the city to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired.

The story takes a interesting turn when suddenly he is mistaken as a motorcycle taxi driver, initiating him to a new profession and also new, selfish viewpoints. Will he ever get back his values, is what forms the finale in this film.  The film won Majidi the best director award at 2009 Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar too

The Song of Sparrows (Avaze gonjeshk-ha); dir: Majid Majidi; 96 Mins; Rs 349; Shemaroo World Cinema/UTV World Movies



(Published in Deccan Herald, www.deccanherald.com, www.deccanheraldepaper.com, 18-04-2010)



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