Utpal Borpujari

April 30, 2009

Important that political debate is on positive, not divisive agenda: Scindia

By Utpal Borpujari in Shivpuri

Jyotiraditya Scindia, among the key members of Congress’ young brigade, is seeking re-election from Guna. And he seems utterly confident about his prospects, so much so that when he interacts with people, he tells them how it is in their hands to increase the margin of win over the last election’s margin. A confident Scindia shares with Deccan Herald’s Utpal Borpujari his views on various issues that crop up surrounding the family name:


Q: It is often alleged by your rivals, particularly BJP, that Congress promotes dynastic politics.


A: I don’t see it as that. We are the world’s biggest democracy, and the final decision is always with the people. How can we even use the word dynasty in this context, I don’t know, because it is not about a private limited company but is about who the people chooses. Maybe one gets the benefit of being the child of someone only the first time, but finally it is on the basis of your work that people will choose you.


Q: It is being said in some quarters that you are also fighting a battle for the legacy of the Gwalior royal family with your aunt, Yashodhara Raje, this time?


A: Not really, it is not a battle for legacy. If at all there is a legacy, it is that of the work done by my father (the late Madhavrao Scindia). That’s the real challenge to me, to keep up with that legacy of development and progress my father had ushered in in Guna-Shivpuri. It is about a relationship with the whole region.


Q: What it is about the Gwalior royal family members never campaigning against one another? Even this time, when you campaigned for your party candidate in Gwalior, you did not take the name of his rival (Yashodhara Raje).


A: I also do not remember taking the names of rival candidates in Bhind, Morena…I talk only about the policies, as I do believe that politics should not be personal.


Q: So, there are no differences within the family?


A: There is a difference of ideologies, but let that lie where it lies. It has no relevance in the in the kind of politics I do.


Q: What about the reported differences between you and Digvijay Singh, and the factionalism in Madhya Pradesh Congress that has bled the party quite a bit?


A: I have always said Digvijay Singh is a very senior and respected leader of our party. He and I have together addressed a number of meetings this time. Even in terms of MP, the party will be strong not on the basis of four-five leaders but on the basis of its grassroots strength. Every party goes through trough and crest. I firmly believe we will rise again.


Q: As a young leader, how do you see the war of words between senior leaders like Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and BJP’s L K Advani?


A: It is very sad to see a person Advani’s stature constantly throwing barbs at the Prime Minister. Obviously he will respond as beyond a point no one can be expected to tolerate. One expects coherence and balance in the political discourse from people like Advani, or else what will the younger generation take from it? And after the elections, how will we sit together and determine policy in Parliament if political debates descend to personal attacks?


Q: But young leaders like Varun Gandhi too have allegedly made hate speeches.


A: If he has made such speeches, it is very sad, since this country’s strength comes from its secular credentials and the spiritualism that is the backbone of our 3,000-year-old civilizations. Anyone who strays from that path of spiritualism is actually casting a shadow on the fabric of our civilization. It is important that the political debate is one of positive agenda and not of negative and divisive agenda.

(Published in Deccan Herald, www.deccanherald.com, www.deccanheraldepaper.com, 27-04-2009)



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